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Investigate the Possibilities: Elementary Curriculum

Investigate the wonderful world God has made with science that is both exciting and educationally outstanding in the comprehensive series, "Investigate the Possibilities"!

These remarkable full-color books are filled with experiments and hands-on activities.
The main textbook can be combined with the student journal and teacher's guide for a complete educational set. An activity-focused science curriculum guaranteed to engage your student!

The overall goal for each workbook is to include three components: good science, creation apologetics, and Bible references. This goal underlines the rationale for the design of the workbooks. Science is a great area to teach, because children have a natural curiosity about the world. They want to know why and how things work, what things are made of, and where they came from. The trick is to tap into their curiosity so they want to find answers.

Many elementary-level science lessons begin with definitions and scientific explanations, followed by an activity. A more effective method is to reverse this order and begin with an activity whenever possible. The lessons found in these workbooks begin with an investigation, followed by scientific explanations and opportunities to apply the knowledge to other situations. In addition to the investigations, there are sections on creation apologetics, written mostly in narrative forms; connections to Bible references; on your own challenges; pause and think questions; projects and contests; and historical stories about scientists and engineers. These sections encourage students to think more critically, to put scientific ideas into perspective, to learn more about how science works, to gain some expertise in a few areas, and to become more grounded in their faith and in the Bible.

It is not expected that students will do everything suggested in the workbooks. The variety provides students with choices, both in selection of topics and in learning styles. Some students prefer hands-on activities and building things, while others prefer such things as writing, speaking, drama, or artistic expressions. Once some foundational ideas are in place, having choices is a highly motivated incentive for further learning. Every effort has been made to provide a resource for good science that is accurate and engaging to young people. Most of the investigations were selected from lessons that have been tested and used in Creation Studies Institute's Creation Discovery classrooms. Careful consideration was given to the National Science Education Standards.

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